Valentines Day

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Goodness where does the time go? I am thoroughly ashamed to admit that it has been over a month since I was last in here. I am so sorry but it seems that the ‘real job’ has got in the way of my ‘dream job’!

The difference between real and dream is

real = $,

 dream = $0.00

so it looks like real has to take priority at this point. I am also taking a bit of time off from everything at the moment to recharge the batteries. I cleaned up my ‘office’ just prior to Xmas and threw a big tablecloth over by cabinets and put a sign on there that reads OFFICE CLOSED TILL 4.1.10. The family look and giggle as they go past and I am sure they think I have lost it completely!  So from me to you I wish you much love and happiness for all you do and may 2010 be a wonderful creative year for you all……………Cheers for now, Gwen

Hello world!

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I am so glad that I retired from the workforce to have more ‘spare time’! When it happens I will let everyone know. I have done a few wedding invitations etc and thought that I would showcase them here.The first two are an invitation in Black, Gold and White, and the Acceptance in the same colours.There is also an unusal place card/bonbomiere. It is very different but at the same time elegant.These are but just a few of what I have to offer, and all at a reasonable price. To see cards that have been made in classes and/or workshops be sure to go to my Stampin Up site at http://www.cardsnstampsinbloom.stampinup.net
Till next time take care, Gwen

Hi everyone, Well hasnt this been a hectic time? I am so glad that I finished work to take it easy and have more time. (not). Where does my time go? What happened to my organisational skills? What happened to menu planning, watching TV at night, intelligent conversation that does not include the words ink, stamps, cardstock, adhesives or the hobby that has overtaken most of the house? I really dont know where or how I ever managed to fit paid work into the equation at all!!
I have just finished designing and making up a range of invitations for weddings, showers, birthdays etc etc, and I will hopefully have them on show here very shortly.
There will be some changes to my site that you may or may not notice. I now have a site specifically for Stampin’ Up! where my faithfull clients can catch up with me, order, book a party etc etc. This site will be dedicated to my invite ranges and to my other papercrafts although I will still post most of my SU creations here as well. the addy for that site is http://cardsnstampsinbloom.stampinup.net so I hope to see you in there as well. I promise I will post some of what I have been doing the last few weeks over the weekend so bear with me and all shall be revealed! Take care till next time.

I am looking at my last post and see that I am doing something not right! First thing I realise it that you must add your picks in reverse order as to how you actually want them, and the other thing I am still working on is how not to get a few letters of text right up the top of the pics and the rest below. Give me time I will figure it out!! This next lot of pics is some general stuff I have done, altho the sense of time card I made for a lady for a birthday. So this time in no particular order………The pink heart card I made quickly out of scrap really to get an idea to do wedding invitations. You can not imagine how shocked I was to have my work published as Home page artist Gwen Bloomfield.

Hi all, Is it just me or is the days/weeks flying past so quickly that it is almost Xmas again. It has been a few days since I have been in due to other committments (paid work being one of them.) I did another market at Bli Bli last Saturday without my helper (Sarah) as she and her family are on holidays in Fiji for another couple of days. It was quite a good day and the profits were better this week. I think that folk are getting to know that I am there each time, and it is good to know that I am being actively sought out for my cards and craft items. I made what I called Mallow Suprises for this market and they sold very very well. If you are interested in the measurements for these little beauties I will be glad to post them on here (when I figure that part out) or email it to you. Without further ado I will now post a couple of things that I have done in the last week. The Upsy Daisy card I made whilst at the markets (I have found that folk are so interested in watching how you can make a lovely card in such a short space of time). The 2nd and 3rd are of my Mallow Suprises, and the 4th is another step card that I made on Saturday as well. I actually made 2 on Saturday, a lady watched me make the 1st one and then bought it!

Christmas Card

Cant help myself! made this step card before bed………..should have been there a couple of hours ago.

Wishing You Love

Hi all, well today was nose to the grindstone and go to work to get the money to indulge (in stamping of course). Here is a card that I put together last night because I just had to have a play with my sizzix again! I used the Cuttlebug butterfly and the DSP is from memory Walk in the Park (I think). I didnt write yesterday of my adventures at the nursing home where I volunteer. Yesterday was cooking day and of course on those days we get a good group of ladies wanting to cook. We made sausage rolls from scratch, and they had a lovely time, they all help to mix and we gave them their own sheet of pastry to make their own rolls. They smelled delicious and the DT and I were graciously allowed to taste one each! I do love going out there, I have a lot of fun with the oldies and they enjoy the interaction. I sometimes take them through their exercises and to tell the truth we all end up laughing so much that there isnt a great lot of exercising going on, not physically but there is a lot of exercising of the heart and gladness. We are usually the noisiest lot in the facility, and one good thing comes of it though, and that is that we are having more and more turn up! Well that is all for today, so until next time happy stamping!

Bob’s Birthday!

Here I am again, three times in two days, will wonders ever cease?? Just wanted to post a couple of really quick cards I did this afternoon for a friend who has a very wicked sense of humour and also happens to be Welsh. The first I did the embossed front with the cuttlebug and used crimped gold card behind it on Choc Chip, and was over ruled by my DH saying that Bob needed cheering up because his wife is in hospital. So this is where the other card come in. I do hope he enjoys them both! Happy Stamping all………till next time take care